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IWC Mark XII (purchased Sept 1998)

This is a handsome watch, almost perfectly proportioned. At just 36mm it's midsized (by todays standards), perfect for my small wrist. I've owned the Fliegerchrono Automatic before this but traded it in for the Mark XII. I preferred the look of the Fliegerchrono compared to the Mark XII, but the thicker and larger Flieger (39mm X 14.6mm) just didn't look good on me. Furthermore, the heavy weight made everyday wear uncomfortable. So, I sold it and got a Mark XII which contains a more exclusive JLC 889 movement. IWC has stopped production of this watch, replacing it with a larger Mark XV.

The watch keeps great time, about +5 secs a day. I have only one complaint- sometimes when I pull out the crown to quick-set the date, the gears do not engage properly and the date doesn't change. I have to push and pull the crown a couple times to set the date. The movement is known to be quirky. Maybe it just needs servicing, it has already been 2 years.

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Rolex Submariner 14070 (purchased May 2000)

I have always wanted a Sub. I grew up looking at Submariner Ads in Readers Digest, Time Magazine and National Geographic. I longed for one but had second thoughts because of its size (40mm). Finally, I chose the one without the date which I feel is more beautiful. It is also slightly flatter and lighter without the date mechanism. Well, it is not as comfortable as the Mark but I like the watch so much... Within the past year, I have seen the price go from SGD$3000 to SGD$4200. I could have saved $1200 if I bought the watch a year earlier...ugh. IMHO, it's a little overpriced for a plain dive watch but the demand just drives the price up.

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Lange 1815 in Yellow Gold (purchased Mar 2000)

I needed a gold dress watch for the very formal occasions (which has yet to come up). I needed a watch that was in Patek's league, something that could possibly rise in value over the years and appear in prestigious auctions in 20 years time. I did not like the models that PP had to offer and I preferred German designs. So, I burned a big hole in my bank account and got a Lange 1815. It's a pretty watch, not sure about the resale value though.

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